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Christina Murphy

Austin, TX


Christina Murphy is a singer/songwriter who is anything but ordinary! It is guaranteed you will not find another performer like her. Christina leads a life full of music and adrenaline. Not only does she lead in her own Pop/Rock band but Christina Murphy also brings an Extreme Sports aspect to her music which sets her apart from most female musicians. Christina has been known to ride dirtbikes on stage and/or incorporate anything extreme into her sets. She races motocross against the boys as well as leading in her own Pop/Rock band. This 5'3 package comes with powerhouse vocals, rock'n guitar riffs, energetic harmonies, as well as a comedic aspect while on stage! Her debut album "Live Faster Love Stronger" was produced and managed by the legend himself, Executive and Gold Record Producer Don Johnson. It is available nationally this year on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Yahoo! Music, Rhapsody, etc! It is spunky and in-your-face, yet comes with a few acoustic and string filled ballads. Christina has many songs that aid as a remedy for broken hearts everywhere. Her honest depiction of young adult trials and tribulations has helped her gain a rabid fan base that hangs on every word and every chord, just waiting to hear the next chapter in her story. Go ahead, rock on and dig in!"


I think in order for an artist to "make it" they have to not only find their niche in the music genre's, but find a way to stand out in that niche! What makes them different? Well my inspirations definitely come from anything adventurous, fun, and thrilling! I like to take that and put it into my music as well. You will find that a good number of my songs are upbeat, exciting, and energetic! I absolutely love adventure and like to tie that in with my songwriting as well, hence the reason why half of my album is called "LIVE FASTER"! I am also inspired by personal experiences and relationships. This is why the other half of my album title is "Love Stronger". I like to write about love, or whatever is bugging me at that moment, whether it be an boyfriend and I breaking up or an awkward situation, just whatever comes out of the pen! A relationship gone wrong is such good inspiration not only lyrically, but also as an artist; to prove that I AM worth it and you WILL see my name again some day in the future!


After being through a RAW Showcase I have to say my favorite thing about RAW is that IT IS A FAMILY! Not only do you work with super friendly, amazing coordinators, but the other artists you meet and the connections you make are AMAZING! EVERY one is SO nice! My favorite thing about RAW is the chance they give you to show off your creativity, and they don't try to dim your shine in any way. They TRULY ARE about YOUR art!


My friends and family definitely make my world go around. Something that sets me and my band apart from a lot of others, is I actually get to play on stage with my brother! How many other bands can say they have a sister and brother up there? Not many! I am so appreciative of how much my friends help me out as a musician, they really are blessings! Also, my dirtbike and the sport of Motocross really make my world go around. And that may sound cheesy to a lot of you, but anyone else with a motorcycle will understand! That bike becomes a part of who you are. There is no other feeling like flying through the air, or being lined up at the starting gate with 20 other riders all wanting the same thing... 1st place! The other half of my heart, of course, belongs to music. Music makes my world go 'round. I have yet to meet a person who doesn't enjoy music! It has been around since the dawn of time, it is in our bones and blood, it's who we are as musicians. Music saves LIVES. I don't know where I would be without it.