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Alexa Varano

Denver, CO

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Art is my passion. Creation, innovation, and inspiration are the gifts that I have to give to the world. I use acrylic, graphite, and marker to create, but I enjoy exploring with all different mediums. People like to tell me that I have a lot of positive energy and march to the beat of my own drum. I believe that is true and that is probably the number one thing I love about myself. I am a dreamer with an imagination. I bring my mind to reality through art. That is the beauty of creation, there are no limits.

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RAW has an awesome idea that clearly works. Allow artists to independently promote themselves and their own work. It is awesome showcasing a variety of styles of art in one place, spices things up and makes it a lot of fun.


Energy. I am a firm believer that what you put out to the world you get back. The ability to create and to inspire. The beauty that is found in everything that life holds. My dog Collins because she's my life.