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New Orleans, LA

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Fernando Antero Perez, or Antero for his artistic name, was born in Monterrey Mexico in 1981 and now lives in New Orleans, LA. He studied classic oil painting with Mexican painter David Gonzalez for three years and started his own creations in 1998.

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His focus is on ordinary topics like confusion, anger, sadness, happiness and other every day feelings. His paintings and sketches can be found in places like Zagreb, Croatia; Madrid, Spain; Paris, France; San Antonio, USA; and Monterrey, Mexico. Antero looks to combine shapes, colors and feelings with the human body and creature-like representations that originate from spontaneous movement of a pencil or other medium in a sketch and then turned into art. His main mediums are oil paint and pastels.

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I know very little about RAW but I like that they try to bring artists together and give them a place where they can show their work.

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Traveling, meeting new people, learning about other cultures and painting wherever I go.