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Antonette Streeter

San Francisco, CA

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Bay Area Bred. Southern California Educated. Owner of Her Lovely Bones Productions. Creative Director and Producer.

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Tim Walker

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Well, I havent met either of you yet, but Heidi Luerra and Matthew Klahorst, thank you both for making all of this possible! After viewing RAWcross America early on in this process, I had a huge appreciation for this movement and what you guys have done and are doing for this community of independent artists. My favorite thing about RAW would have to be how RAW connects artists of all kinds and brings such killer talent to the table month after month, city after city. Another thing about RAW that I love is my SF RAW crew. They are very helpful and always available to artists. Their enthusiasm is unparalleled.

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Oddities, Collectors & Their Collections, Other Artists.

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