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San Francisco, CA


Aya Kasper | Nominated by Raw for Accessories designer of the year in 2012, her work is consistently seen in art shows, museums, restaurants and underground fashion shows around California and the US, with many pieces worn by performers around the world. In college she had this professor who inspired her with color and then she had a professor who challenged her to create a light fixture. Then after design school she started to sell her creations and photography to patrons around the world. Aya has been surrounded by creativity her whole life. Her studies at the Academy of Art in San Francisco focused on Architecture and interior Design. from childhood ranged from music, to She has dabbled in clothing and jewelry design, as well as women's fashion, bridal accessories and even trained and worked for Bourjois French makeup company. She was always found creating floral design, painting, or doing photography and even creative furniture redesign and lighting designs! Aya is newly married to her soul mate and the two reside in the California Redwoods, of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Aya is currently creating unique hand painted Day of the Dead masks, with her own unique tattoo flash inspired designs and unique concept pieces. She creates Venetian Masquerade inspired masks and mini tea party style top hats which are always unique and one of a kind and shares her unique creative photography.


Aya always found beauty and mystery in all things morbid and dark and you often see these elements from this side of her in certain pieces. After putting together something unusual, she is usually drawn back to Nature. For those who encourage "green" design, her creations are always unique in this concept. You will find that she includes some kind of vintage or up-cycled found treasure or material, to give each item a unique character and patina. This is what allows her to make truly one of kind items, each piece is just waiting for that right person to connect with it. When she gets inspired by the colors of the butterfly wings, she will start a new set of hair pieces. Aya sees herself as a perfectionist and spends many hours in the design process even prior to creating for the majority of my collection pieces. Concept research and hours day dreaming are all part of what sparks some of her newest ideas.


"I love how Raw is gathering great artists and inspirations to share with the world."


When Aya isn't creating she loves to ride her motorcycle on the twisty roads of her mountain town. She also loves to visit the big city she grew up in. She often visits all her favorite shops and market places searching for treasures for her creations. "When I find something really special, I start thinking of all the ways I could make it into something else more exciting. Its always just the best when my friends and I get together to do a fun themed photoshoot together and I get to make special props and dress up the girls." Aya loves challenging requests from her clients, so she has all the reasons to hunt around for that perfect detail. "My family and friends are the best for always letting me be myself and giving me the support to do what I love."