February 15th, 2010


Published in RAW Features

Shannon Leclair has no boundaries; splashing all types of paints onto all sorts of surfaces, she is also known for putting her art on apparel. See her work live, along with the work of other great and eclectic artists, at the next Fullerton RAW showcase on Thursday, February 18th! 


How did you first get started as an artist?
I graduated from George Brown college in Toronto, Canada with a graphic arts degree in 2000 and started painting about four years ago.  

From where do you draw inspiration for your work?
I'm inspired by color, challenges, beautiful people in my life and positive thought.

Do you engage in, or draw inspiration from, any other forms of art?
Of course. I think art is expressed in many ways, which then challenges your creative mind to utilize the different forms.  

From start to finish, explain your process; what does a typical art-making day look like for you?
It all starts with an idea, continues with a big mess, is followed by A.D.D (I move on to something else), then returns back to what I started, hopefully getting close to finishing. Then it ends with me cleaning up my mess and most likely passing out in my paint-covered hands and clothes on the couch ( my friend Jenn will testify to that).

What sort of techniques do you most like working with?
Honestly, I'll try anything; Acrylic to oil to spray paint to random paint stored in my garage on any surface regardless if it's not going to work. You never know until to try.  

Are there any artists who strongly inform and influence your work?
Yup; my long time friends Corey Sheppard, Paul Otvos and Wes Loates who are all amazing. And my sidekick love, Stephen Obler who has many talents and has taught me so much. Also, P.Rock who explores all avenues of possibility; his mind is brilliant and he is constantly thinking of new ideas. Senior Marie is the only one who can keep me focused and gets the work done. She is very creative and brings new ideas into my head. I love and thank each one of them as well as many others who have influenced me and helped me grow.

Any current rising stars within the genre that you would recommend we look out for?
My good friend Gerado Villa. He has one of the most curious minds. He's amazing and is going to do great things.  Hector G., who doesn't realize how talented he is, has beautiful work.