May 9th, 2011

ART: Schel Harris

Published in RAW Features

Schel Harris is a self-described Portland artist aka: designer / illustrator / inventor. Raised in an artistic household, exposure to the arts came at an early age as did the encouragement to create. Years later, Schel would go on to create a multimedia production studio, music videos for world famous reggae artist, and sets for film and stage productions.  Although digital video production became the main focus for Schel, he continued to paint. His first "real" paying job as an artist came in the form of a large mural for a local business. Soon He had murals all over town and had made a niche for himself.

Schel worked as a sculptor/ painter for that "big mouse" company and a designer for a large sign company where he soaked up many unique skills including laser etching / cutting along with design and printing skills.

With the encouragement of his girlfriend and family, Schel became full-time in his artistic endeavors. For the past 2 years Schel has been cranking out ink illustrations and large paintings for an art book of his works, due out this winter. His works are refreshingly affordable too. He explains his reasoning:

 "Art needs to be affordable to anyone who loves it!" he adds," once I get it scanned, it (the original) needs to go to someone who loves it... whether they're broke or not. I'd much rather alot of my work be out there than just a few pieces... the money works out to be the same anyways"

Schel claims Portland is his main inspiration as of late. From the mix of man-made history and nature's intermingled reach comes a sepia-toned world where robots spring from plants, airships rule the skies, and beauty is the most important aspect of life.

Schel's work can be seen every month on Alberta during the warmer months at last Thursdays, and gallery shows around town, along with multiple websites featuring his works for sale. You can check out his work at: