May 17th, 2011


Published in RAW Features

InLush is a wearable art collection. The designs have both an exquisite and unique art form dedicated to women that are modern, bold yet sophisticated. Every dress that walks the runway shows its own breathtaking beauty. The artist and designer behind InLush is Biviana Lazo, a local designer from San Francisco.

Originally from Peru, Biviana always show interest for art and fashion at early age. She spent her early years drawing, coloring and making doll dresses. In her early twenties, she attended to FIDM in San Francisco to pursue fashion design where she felt it was distancing her from art. She never thought that she could actually incorporate both passions until she learned about the art of silk painting, an art that she fell in love with and decided to master it.

Nowadays, she makes one of a kind designs by using the art of silk painting where she uses French dyes that are chemically bonded to the fiber. The result of her two passions is InLush.

As for the artist, she stills dip the brush in her soul and combines art and fashion to create unique pieces for women who are not afraid to be a piece of art.