May 18th, 2011

FASHION: Stephanie Hamilton

Published in RAW Features

My interest in knit metal starts from a rich background of fiber knitting. When I learned to knit about a decade ago, I instantly fell in love with the medium. After the re-opening of San Francisco’s de Young Museum, I was deeply moved by the work of the metal artist Ruth Asawa. Inspired by her work, I left the museum with a singular focus to create wearable art, handcrafted artisan jewelry, that is knit with metal. 

My distinctive designs evoke images of the sea: a drift net catching a pirate’s treasure booty, or a filigree band beset with richly colored, gleaming stones. I select stones, pearls, shells, and coral from all over the globe: petite sundials, mother-of-pearl, and Cebu shells from oceans around the world as well as exquisite lava stones, lapis lazuli, and amazonite from exotic locales — all meticulously sourced and scrutinized for color and character. The jewelry’s delicate appearance belies its strength and supple nature. Like a finely knit cashmere sweater, the personalized jewelry is incredibly light and moves with you for a custom fit. 

Above all, my greatest satisfaction comes from designing the pieces. “I love being part of the journey that starts with a single strand of wire and a few stones, and ends with a piece of wearable art that can be worn equally beautifully with a wedding dress or a simple T-shirt and jeans. Each piece is unique, just like the wearer."

- Stephanie Hamilton