June 15th, 2011

FASHION: Discrete Jewelry

Published in RAW Features

I actually thought that I would be in child care for the rest of my life. That didn't last very long. After working in child care for 5 years, it was bought out by a bigger company, and I was left without a job. So I became a stay-at-home mom and needed something to do. So I started "playing" around with making jewelry. 

Of course the jewelry making started off as a hobby, then people started noticing the jewelry and liking what they saw. The next thing I heard was, “How much does that cost?” and, “Where did you purchase that?” I thought it was funny because I did not think that I had this hidden talent. I then started Discrete Jewelry in May 2010.  

I truly love creating jewelry that is one of kind. I try to create all types of styles for all walks of life. I try to create pieces that represent all women such as " the girly girl," "the bohemian women," "rocker chic," and "simply me." I believe these styles are all within us. I really enjoy working with all types of jewelry materials, and I absolutely love finding rare pieces of jewelry just to take them apart and create something totally new and different!

The things that inspire me to create this jewelry are the little things in life such as a fallen leaf or my daughter's beautiful eyes. I love putting colors together that brings out one’s personality and life to their new wardrobe.

Discrete Jewelry just began helping out an organization called Golden Kidz. This is an organization that is informing others about childhood cancer and how it's spreading quickly. Their mission is to be a support and lifeline to families with the devastating realities of childhood cancer -- 30% of all proceeds will go to them.  

“Historians say that tangible expressions of love are most often in the form of jewelry.”

This quote means so much to me. There is a story behind each piece that I create. I truly believe that accessories really bring fashion to LIFE!

- Sabrina, Discrete Jewelry