June 13th, 2011

MUSIC: Lewis Bradshaw V

Published in RAW Features

As I get older, it becomes more and more clear that I was born centuries too late. What other modern day songwriter from Newport Beach spear fishes for many of his meals and owns the title “California’s Strongest Man?" For me daydreaming consists of visualizing myself building a home for my family and I, having a pipe with my son at sunset, or putting the first set of footprints into the sand of some ancient beach. I want simple, and while simple still does exist, it is getting increasingly harder to find. It is obvious to me that we live in a world were the word “content” is being used less and less.

My music couples my daydreams, with my observations and own personal struggles. Ironically I have a love for chord and melody lines that would not be considered simple and I never seem to be content with my lyrics. I have been told however my songs flow nicely and are "refreshing to the songwriter ears." A review on my EP “Story of a Man," which tells the story of me going and living off the land in Oregon, described my music as “wooden and appellation." As long as I have my left-handed Taylor I believe I am exactly where I am suppose to be. 

- Lewis Bradshaw V