August 15th, 2011

PHOTOGRAPHY: Melanie Maton

Published in RAW Features

“So here I am…” the words always managed to make their way on to the page whenever she made a new journal entry. She smirked to herself and glanced away from the paper to her newly discovered environment. She gazed around her, noting all the little details in the world that made her smile, falling into a sort of trance. Melanie Maton would sit and analyze everything around her; emotionally, physically and spiritually. It was in these moments that she would enjoy the essence of being. It was in these moments she discovered her passion for photography. She looked down at the page once more and read the words thoughtfully, “And so here I am…”

Melanie was born and raised in southern California. The youngest of four girls, most of her life decisions were influenced by her family. When it was time to leave the homestead for college, she moved to northern California and attended the University of San Francisco and California College of Arts. Apart of the dual degree program with a focus in graphic design, she struggled to define herself. The extremely tedious program encouraged students to carry a journal everywhere and asked them to immerse themselves in each project by documenting the subject matter with 10 to 15 rolls of film. This practice led to her full appreciation of surroundings and the simple act of being.

She ultimately fell in love with fine art photography in 2008. She took an intro to photography course, processing and developing her own B&W film. She conquered the technique of in camera multiple exposures and has an amazing sense of composition. She loves having the ability to tell a story through her series of self-portraits. Melanie Maton's photographic journal captures nuances in an urban landscape where she lives and re-discovers.

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