September 27th, 2011

MUSIC: Devil and his Friend

Published in RAW Features

Devil and His Friend is a rock band from Santa Ana, California. It was created by Richard Bernal (currently the guitarist and singer) circa 1999.

Around the year 2003 Richard met Eric Cocoletzi from playing open mics four to sometimes five days a week all over Southern California.  They would often talk and found they had similar influences; Hendrix, Floyd, Miles, Hip Hop, R&B, and Funk.  They would always run into each other at these open mics and pretty soon a healthy competition ensued between the two which eventually led to them writing music together in 2004.
Although Eric was originally a guitar player, he became the drummer for the band since drummers were hard to find at the time.  The two also preferred the simpler duo format.
After releasing their first album entitled "46 46", the two went their separate ways but continued to make music through the years.  They would not get back together until 2011.  When the time came, Devil and His Friend went back to work in a tiny 80 sq.ft. studio in Santa Ana and cranked out a grip of new jams, some of which are found on their second album entitled "St. Anne", an obvious reference/tribute to their hometown.  They had both grown as musicians over the years and the new mature sound is captured on St. Anne.
The two are are always working on new material and redefining themselves as artists.  Their work can be found on and