February 2nd, 2012


Published in RAW Features

Joe Friend aka MOJO is a 23 year old collagist and painter currently living in Boulder, CO. Hailing from New Orleans, LA, Joe was raised in a melting pot of color and culture which shaped his artistic mind at an early age. He started painting after dropping out of college in 2008 and has consistently been progressing as an artist ever since. It wasn't until he enrolled in the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design's graphic design program in 2011that he began to refine his skills and develop a unique style.

MOJO style can be described as contemporary urban collage. Street and pop art inspired, his work depicts superficial female forms and images juxtaposed against graffiti layered backgrounds. His work mostly consists of graphic, mixed-media collages and paintings and has recently dove into the world of sculpture and photography. "I use layering, symbols, typography and color to emphasize the ideas in my artwork. I love using unconventional materials a paint brushes."

He draws his inspiration from everything around him; from other artists and photographs to the internet, pop culture, the superficial obsessions of modern society, fashion and music. "As an artist you have to constantly have your eyes open and your ears to the ground. Inspiration can come at any time. I don't stop creating at five pm when everyone else is on the way home from work." "My favorite thing about creating art is the unique way of solving a problem. In every piece I create, I encounter new and difficult challenges. As an artist it is my job to use the tools of color, form, space, texture and mark-making to turn a blank canvas into something beautiful and meaningful. Every piece that I create teaches me something new." 

I also want to let all the fine people of the world know about Lifted Lab, a growing art collective dedicated to exposing artistic talent and expanding artist's careers. www.liftedlab.com. Check it out.

Much love and many thanks

- Joe Friend aka MOJO