February 2nd, 2012


Published in RAW Features

I am originally from Canada but currently live in Boulder, CO. In 2008, a friend and I began balancing rocks through an unexpected spell of boredom next to Boulder Creek one afternoon. Now I can say I have become slightly obsessed with the activity. On a broader scale, inspiration to practice this art form flows from a much deeper center of my unconscious self, including past experiences, music, people, and everything else I consider artistic and beautiful in nature. one of the most lovely experiences in practicing rock balance is the unspoken dialogue between the rocks and my own creative energy.  it is a remarkably sensual experience to feel for balance points and realize them.

Another inspirational element is community response. Often times, depending on the area, small crowds will accumulate with a sense of intrigue for what I am creating.  Spectators then become part of the sights, sounds, and feelings of that space, which ultimately fuels my creative process. Although I love the ephemeral nature of rock balance, the photographic art of recording is just as delicate.  In order to highlight fine balance points, I must incorporate a slight degree of foresight into the balance itself.  In a symbiotic way, the balanced rocks finely tune how i frame my photographs, while the photographs will normally highlight certain designs and techniques that inspire future balances. Each balance, through both creation and contemplation, becomes a poetic dance of energy and form, birth and death, perfection and imperfection.

One of my goals is to create and experience something mysterious; something that seemingly defies physics; something divine. Currently I participate in a thriving international community of balance artists through online photo sharing and discussions, which have also become a great source of continued inspiration. ultimately I would like to use my balance work to perform and promote the benefits of practicing this ancient art form, including meditative presence, mental well-being, and free artistic expression.

More examples of my work and contact info can be found on my website at www.gravityglue.com

-  Michael Grab