February 1st, 2013

Making Magic: Cory Devenney

Published in RAW Features

"Trying to stand out or being 'creative' these days is very difficult," says Devenney. "I wouldn't say that there aren't other photographers who shoot similarly to my style, because there are plenty. But I would say that I've tried to push myself further in some directions by not being directly influenced by the art that I see around me locally, but rather try[ing] to bring something new to the table, even if it's just subtle differences."

"I have shot (and still shoot) people, portraits, landscape, etc but the conceptual/surrealism shoots are my all time favorite to work with. It pushes me beyond my elements and envisioning a finished photo with just the concept in my head, then seeing it executed exactly as I had hoped is the best feeling I could ask for as a photographer."

His images are charming. They're fantastical. In a seemingly eased and unforced fashion, Devenney transforms your run-of-the-mill scenery into an enchanting moment, one that always seems to hint at a longer, boundless narrative.

For him, levitating subjects in photographs is all about coming up with an idea, planning and coordinating, and then, well ... getting it off the ground. 

"The photo-making process starts with the idea, obviously. As thoughts come into my head of a possible new shot or idea, I'll quickly grab my iphone and write that thought before it goes away."

"Sometimes the thoughts work out, sometimes not. From there, it's finding objects, locations, and people willing to trust my ideas enough to pose how I want them to. That's where the fun begins."

For more info and views of his work: www.corydevenney.com

See his work in person at RAW:Salt Lake City presents DISCOVERY!