It has been a MINUTE since RAW has made our way back to Baltimore, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.  We have a stacked show planned (70+ artists!) And the music will not disappoint.  Both of the performers in this showcase were hand selected by the Baltimore Showcase Director, Tiffany Jackson.  




Omnia Azar- Jazz/Funk

Omnia Azar is a seasoned singer/songwriter/music arranger.  Her music is reminiscent of Dinah Washington and early Amy Winehouse; smooth, cool, and incredibly technical while still brandishing an accessible sound. Omnia has an intimate and special performance in store that is sure to make Jazz lovers of us all (suffice it to say you aren’t already..) *loud wink.


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Amahni Philly- Soul/R&B

Amahni’s smooth baritone voice dances between genres effortlessly.  With a background in gospel and soul singing, he is able to tap into Hip Hop, Electronic, and Jazz music influences to create songs that are impressive and thoughtful.  His urban upbringing attributes to his love of Old School Hip Hop and visceral poetry.


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So here we go!  We couldn’t be more excited to finally be back in Baltimore.  It’s going to be a packed house; everybody be nice to each other!

-Nick Buffington