Allow us to introduce you to Samantha Liddick, a young photographer from Seattle, Washington whose photographs will make you believe in scaling maps instead of mountains, levitating fairy lights, and in coffee cups big enough to sit on.  While much of her artwork is rooted in everyday objects and experiences, it makes little attempt to align with any ordinary definition of reality.  Instead, Samantha hopes to pull viewers into her own fantasy world with her whimsical, reality-bending photography.  But most importantly, she’s hoping that her art will help inspire other deaf artists like herself.  


Samantha Liddick’s love for photography began when her mom gifted her with a film camera at the tender age of four.  Since then, she’s graduated from film cameras to DSLR’s to now running her own business, Sami Lee Liddick Studios.  There, you can witness Samantha’s extensive portfolio in action, featuring family/couple photo shoots as well as self-portrait and landscape photography.  However, Samantha adds her own distinctive touch to her whimsical, reality-bending photography.  An avid fan of Photoshop, she’s honed her skills in using special effects to breathe life to the fantasy world in her head.  She credits photography for being her escape from reality and for allowing her to show other people the universe through her own eyes.  Without a doubt, Samantha shares a very unique, almost whimsical view of the world: a world where she’s scaling maps as if they were mountains, floating seamlessly through falling leaves, and sprinkling sugar into coffee cups that are quite literally larger than life.  

When asked about why so many of her photos depict her shrunken to the size of everyday, inanimate objects, she explains that she’s “always found bigger things fascinating”.  Her quirky obsession for mountains, blue whales, and the Titanic stems from the fact that all of those things are much bigger than we could ever be, reminding us of “just how small we are on this Earth”.  Her obsession with mountains also ties into her love for landscape photography, something she became especially passionate about “after moving to one of the most beautiful states”.  Since relocating to Seattle from Ithaca, New York, Samantha feels like she’s been “living in a fairy tale because of the forest, the haze, the mystery, and the mountains.”  While she won’t be giving up self-portrait for landscape photography anytime soon, she appreciates both for different reasons: “I can keep being in reality with landscapes while I am not with a self-portrait. It keeps it balanced.”

Samantha has no problem discussing her knack for dabbling between fantasy and reality, and just as candidly shares her experiences as a deaf artist in a hearing art world.  When asked about the difficulties she’s faced, her response is utterly inspiring: “The main challenge is that deaf people don't get educated about deaf culture and think that being deaf is a disability, but that is not true. I am the same as you. In the art world, one thing that is the same in both the deaf and hearing worlds is that we can exercise our vision and imagination without having to use our voice in our art. Although it has been challenging, I've never given up and want to spread the word about #deaftalent”.

By becoming a RAW artist, Samantha not only hopes to “have fun” and “meet new people”, she’s also hoping to make a difference for herself and her community: “I had a feeling that RAW would be different and would have a big impact on me. It will help my business grow. Also, as a deaf artist, my goal is to inspire other deaf artists.  There are many amazing deaf artists and they need to get more attention.  I hope RAW will help me with that and will lead me to find more #deaftalent.”


Be sure to catch Samantha’s work in person at RAW Seattle presents FIXATE on September 6th & 7th!