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RAW:Boise presents SOLSTICE

Venue Powerhouse Event …

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When //

June 21st, 2012

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[From 8:00PM to 2:00AM]

Where //

Powerhouse Event Center

[621 S. 17th St, Boise]

Details //

Age 18+

Cocktail attire requested

  • Niobi Audio - Boise
  • This is Boise

What is RAW?

RAW:natural born artists is an international independent arts organization that hand-selects and spotlights independent creatives in visual art, film, fashion, music, hair & makeup artistry, photography, models and performing art.

RAW's mission is to provide up-and-coming artists of all creative realms with the tools, resources and exposure needed to inspire and cultivate creativity so that they might be seen, heard and loved. RAW educates, connects and exposes emerging artists in over 60 artistic communities across the United States, Australia, Canada and the U.K. through monthly showcase events. Join us in celebrating the work of these artists.

What Can I Expect?

RAW events are multi-faceted artistic showcases. Each event features a film screening, musical performance, fashion show, art gallery, performance art and a featured hairstylist and makeup artist. These artists are all local, hand-picked talent who have been chosen to feature at RAW.

RAW events feature a cash bar for cocktails while you enjoy the night. Dress code is cocktail attire, so dress the occasion and get ready for an artistic circus of creativity!

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