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Boramie Sao

Long Beach, CA


The pieces I have assembled in this portfolio are inspired by my fondest memories. The techniques I used were formed organically through pure curiosity and experimentation. I am naturally attracted to certain colors, patterns and shapes, which I have repeated in multiple pieces of work. I have not studied or majored in art because I prefer to keep this practice as a hobby. I personally don’t think it is neither necessary nor productive to have the pressure of creating something for the sake of getting it finished before being completely happy with it. I like to take my time, play around and see where the piece goes. I don’t like to focus too much on what my results will be. Most of the reason I love creating things and making art, is because experimenting with different materials and tools is something I find especially satisfying. I feel there is a certain thread with any type of artistry, or craft that people practice, that connects each individual to another. The fact that people are creating something out of nothing, and figuring out ways to make their project work with every day materials is quite impressive. I appreciate the people who create for their own reasons. Keeping the integrity of the materials I use in tact is important to me because I believe there is a certain quality that raw materials posses which helps to enhance the work I end up creating. Please visit:


Ordinary folks who see things a little bit differently & create on their own terms.


I love that RAW is a celebration of unknown talent from all corners of the art spectrum.