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Brandon Hurley

San Francisco, CA

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Born in San Jose, CA in 1989, Brandon Hurley got into art at a young age. He relocated and finished his teen years in Sacramento, CA. It was not until a few years after high school; he walked away from a troubled lifestyle and turned his influences of hip hop culture into a more positive manner. Brandon has been drawing his whole life doing designs for his friends and tattoo work here and there. In 2008 he decided to pick up a paintbrush. He then fell in love instantly, and started doing exhibitions in galleries and venues around the Sacramento Area such as: Del Paso Works, Beatnik Studios, Blue Lamp, The Owl Nightclub as well as the Artists Alley in San Francisco. Brandon’s work is being hosted on an online radio station based in the UK called and can also be found on the cover of Bay Area hip hop artist Babbleon’s upcoming album. Now living in San Francisco, he attends The Academy of Art University and continues living his dream.

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everything in my day to day life inspires me to create. especially living in California. So much culture and never ends.

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I think it is a great way to help artists to get the exposure they deserve, without somebody trying to take advantage of them. Its more about the artists than many shows, I have done in the past.

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painting, tattoos, drawing, hip hop, and art by many artists including David Garibaldi, Justin Bua, Eric Bailey, Mr. Cartoon, Corey Miller, Nikko, Shawn Barber, Jeremy Fish, etc. (could go on forever) oh yeah....and sushi.