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Brandon Wise & the Scorchin' Sons

Raleigh, NC


Brandon Wise & the Scorchin’ Sons are an 11 piece, heavy soul band hailing from Greensboro, NC. The Scorchin’ Sons began as a much smaller, blues driven project in January of 2011 led by Brandon Wise. It has now evolved into a chaotic blend of bliss aimed to make you dance, think and love. Their first EP, About Time. was released October 26, 2012. The album’s title reflects its long overdue release. Recorded and released after only ten hours of work, the demo EP gained a fair amount of momentum for the band. The band had since been working on the release of their first full-length album entitled Sunshine All Over You, which just made its debut on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp, October 17, 2013. The album features ten tracks documenting the story of a young man who is quick to fall in love, and through his trials he finds that all he thought was true is a lie and the world is far more than what he's been led to believe. Also, the band recently released their first official music video on December 4, 2013, to their new song "I'll Let it Go", off of their new album, Sunshine All Over You. The Sons are currently hard at work on their second full-length album and planning a lot of touring in 2014. So jump on the band wagon and get up with the get down!


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