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Nashville, TN

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I'm a singer/songwriter/guitarist who was kicked out of a Christian cult in Harrisburg, Oregon when I was 17 (2006). After living in more places than I care to remember, I eventually made my way to Nashville where I joined a stand-up bassist and drummer. Released my video Whisky (over 400,000 YouTube views) and have been recording with Bob Ezrin's engineer Justin Cortelyou. In the studio and live it's just the three of us. Keeps it honest. Keeps it real. UPDATE: I am honored to have been voted the RAW Nashville Musician Of The Year!

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I went to one of your shows at Mercy Lounge and loved the environment. I remembered looking around and thinking, "This is my type of scene."


My music consumes my life. I write, rehearse, record and perform seven days a week. I had a very unhappy childhood. My Mother died from swallowing a needle when I was six, my stepmother was very physically abusive and my father is the leader of the religious cult who disowned me. My music is my refuge.