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Jovanni Luna

Columbus, OH


borin in raised in washington state, i was surrounded by mountains, orchards, forests, i had a nature/country lifestyle. with my work i think about memories and experiences, and in connection with that also the idea of conscious and unconscious thoughts and actions. this can be seen in some of my work when it begins to resemble tree like structures, erosions and topographic like carvings. the idea of using house paint comes from both trying to push the boundaries of what paint can do as a material as well as the idea of painting. also house paint has a connection with the environment, people, experiences, and interactions that become connected to memories. layering the paint and then carving it out to reveal the layers underneath is a way i reference memories we all have and become accumulated, but only reveal some of these memories and experiences to the people we meet.


the idea of painting as an object and all the artists that are pushing the boundaries of what that consists of. painting no longer has to be considered a two dimensional art form, or an art piece doesn't need to have paint to still be considered painterly.


i really like that it includes a wide variety of art and focuses on the underground artists, which are the ones that have the courage to explore and push the boundaries of mediums, they are not mainstream and don't follow the trends. they are the ones that open the doors to those unknown ideas and prove that everything in art hasn't been done already, that there is still so much more to discover.


from the time i wake up in the morning to when i go to sleep i am listening to music. it helps me relax when i am working at 3 in the morning or hypes me during the day and gets me excited to work.