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Britta Walstrom-Svihel

Minneapolis, MN

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In 2006, I began working a series of paintings that had to do with abstractions of landscape spaces. I found it exhilarating to break the paintings up in structural, almost formulaic ways and quickly found myself using architecture, such as the bridge to further exaggerate those elements that I enjoyed. Through this process I became deeply infatuated with the bridge and other large structures and expanded my images to intaglio prints in a figurative manner. Typically, I work images from memory, although occasionally with my prints I will return to a place and work on site. I find the process of translating my most favorite visual experiences very fervent and also comforting to look back at, because I relate to it intellectually and emotionally. In my search for the perfect exterior location, I have begun to think more about the images I wish to represent. To me, images worth making have to do with a place or thing I viewed and enjoyed at its original encounter. From here I feel like I have a never-ending seed with which to grow from.

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RAW is an amazing venue for up and coming artists to get out there and become a part a fantastic community. It is amazing.

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Art History and city scapes

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