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Charles Chadwick

San Jose, CA


Charles Chadwick is a filmmaker residing in Los Gatos, CA, and recently graduated with an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. His work has utilized many different practices, from found footage, to direct to film animation, stop motion, and optical printing. He has worked in both 16mm and super8 formats, but his most recent work has utilized hand processed black and white super8 film. Recently, he has begun to work in video, both high end and low end. He utilizes a plethora of video equipment: DSLR's, spy cameras, toy cameras, outdated video formats, software based video degradation devices, etc. His practices and media are all exercised in the name of the archaic and entropic. His subjects often involve forgotten locales: old army and naval bases, ghost towns, and industrial wastelands. His films have played at such venues as The Hummadruz Global Sounds Film Festival (which toured Japan), The International Experimental Cinema Exposition, Craig Baldwin's Other Cinema, the 11th Festival des Cinema Differents in Paris, France, as well as at others both national and international.


What inspires me is what I get from the world, from unprocessed experiences from a chaotic and unpredictable world...what I can get from it that I can't forsee. How I can process these events in interesting ways propels me forward.


I appreciate it's attempt to bring together young artists that aren't necessarily placed in just New York and LA, or other fashionable urban centers.


Staying true to the principles of cinema in its most fundamental forms...the nature of its phenomenology. The properties of the mediums of film and video as they are, not as they should be (ie: making video a simulacrum for film). The inherently non-narrative nature of film...uses of film simply as a container or referent for a text to me are null.