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Clara Wilson

Seattle, WA


My name is Clara Wilson. I am a Photographer based out of the Spokane Washington area. My passion for Photography started during my teen years and has flourished throughout my adult life. I offer an individual and personalized style to my Photography; whether working with a client or on my personal projects. I love to play with light and draw emotion by setting the mood through different lighting sources and techniques. I avoid the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary, doing so has enabled me to embrace my creative outlet and passion, which is Photography. I love to mesh conceptual, tableau, fine art and portraiture. Doing so has enabled me to create a surreal bond between Fiction and Non-Fiction, love and hate, happiness and sorrow. I have images in my mind that I have yet to create, and imagine they will continue to flow until the day I cross over to whatever lies beyond this physical life. My goal, my dream and my ambition is to create images that will make people stop, look, think and feel...I let images and story's chose me, by keeping my mind open i am able to hear the images whisper to me. They say, "Let them see me", and i listen.... "I have not accomplished the Art of letting go, but i would not shun the embrace should it choose to comfort me"~Clara Wilson


I get so much inspiration from music. The feelings and visions that flow when listening to the lyrics and the sounds. I also am a vivid dreamer and pull concepts from my dreams.


RAW is a great platform for artists to show their work and meet new people. Nothing better than several hundred creative minds under the same roof!!


My children are my first loves...Photography a very close second. I love the process from beginning to end. Visualizing, shooting and all the way through post. Sometimes i know exactly how I want an image to look, other times I don't know until i am in mid post and I realize I have no idea what i am creating but i love it anyway...