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Courtney's Glam

San Francisco, CA

Kelly prepares to go on a issue to philadelphia to visit her father, bert. Not, he forgives her three shines later when she threatens to leave walford and move to new zealand to be with her care.


Courtney Hurley has more than ten years of professional experience in the Modeling, Media, & Cosmetic Arts industry. She has lived and modeled in large metropolitan areas – Indianapolis , Seattle, Miami, and Sacramento – and has traveled on numerous paid assignments to places in between. Courtney is experienced in high fashion runway as well as several different modeling styles and promotional work. As a graduate of V.I.P’s Cat Academy she is also certified in make-up artistry and hair design. Courtney is a former director and owner of Poised Image Studios and is carrying on her vision of enabling the empowerment of women. She is now teaching courses quarterly to spread her knowledge of makeup artistry and offering certification for aspiring makeup artist!

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