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Craig Andre Hamilton

Miami, FL

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Class graduate of Design and Architecture Senior High School, Miami, Florida. Attended College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan from 2007-2010. Focused on Industrial design, illustration, graphic design, and a fine artist, Iconographer/ Imagemaker that creates imagery for print, publication, and media design. A global thinker working with local detail and intimate precision. "Our ambitions for the greater good is borne of the ambition of many" - FloatingMars Mission Prose

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Alphonse Mucha, Norman Rockwell, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, and the styles of high Classical Greek (Hellenistic) art. The breadth of characters and interplay of machinery or technology are vibrant and alive. The use of graphic elements depict a flowing movement throughout the work, that one could call "glyphic", creates a composition that describes classically proverbial statements.

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The wonders of the Natural world, the curiosities of the Sciences and Space.