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Dana Martin

Boston, MA

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Dana Martin is an illustrator and designer who was born in New Mexico and has been roaming ever since. A recent graduate of Montserrat College of Art, her work has appeared in several local shows and was recently featured in CMYK’s Top New 100 Creatives. Her clients include the Peabody Essex Museum, Hendrickson Publishers, ArtThrob Magazine, and Ploughshares. Visit her at to learn more.

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Once when we were drawing insects in class, my teacher stopped me because I’d spent so much time on the beautiful wings and completely jipped out on the bug’s legs and antennae. No, she said, whenever there is a joint, a connection, a transition, you have to nail it, because being able to see how something moves, how something works, that’s what makes us believe in the drawing. I started looking for those marks of authenticity – how water looks when it meets the rim of a glass, how fire acts when it touches the edge of pan, how hair moves, how cats stretch – and I realized they were everywhere. I’d just never seen them before.

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I think the combination of different elements is something that happens all too rarely in the art world. RAW’s blend of visual art, music, and fashion is a unique experience that shows just how brilliantly they can all play off each other. I also enjoyed the fact that it’s so ephemeral, as exhibits go. There’s a mad rush to put everything up and take everything down the same night, the room tends to be packed, and there’s just a great deal more excitement than you see at a traditional art show.

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Lots of caffeine. Also, a steady supply of neuroscience articles, Georgian-era romances, Moroccan cookbooks, Finnish folklore, Nancy Willard’s poetry, and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. I also love to explore old houses and other people’s gardens.