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Daniela Rodriguez Conceptual Makeup Artist

New York - Manhattan, NY


Originary from Monterrey Mexico, inspired by almost everything and everyone that sorrounds her day by day, Daniela Rodriguez has evolved as a makeup artist through fate, talent and hard work, thanks to her passion for art as a child, she always had an idea of what she wanted to do in life. Started her career at the age of 18, she got a chance to work for major companies such as Make Up Store and MAC Cosmetics, where she acquired knowledge working with different products, and developed new and different techniques to which many are used to. Later in 2007 she moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina to specialize in artistic makeup, and developed a passion for special FX and Body paint. On her return to Mexico she worked freelance, training makeup artist for Kryolan. In 2008 she founded The Art of MakeUp , a place focused on the education and training of new makeup artists. She has worked with leading photographers in Monterrey, Mx. and New York City In 2011 she studied at Cinema Makeup School in L.A. and moved to Houston, TX. where she had a chance to collaborate with a top bridal makeup agency. She recently moved to New York in search of new inspiration and to keep evolving as an artist.


human anatomy, mexican culture, urban art, B&W images, pop art, architecture, mystery and suspense, special fx.


the way you take art as a celebration


painting, drawing, eating, rock!