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Dominique Thomas

Boston, MA

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I'm a recent graduate of Hartwick College with a BA in Photojournalism, Political Science, and Philosophy. I solidified my love of photography and photojournalism after receiving a grant to travel abroad, where I spent a summer in Japan studying the influences of WWII on its people and photography. I love bright colors and patters, which you see in my photography. Photography for me is a way to bring people and cultures together, one image at a time. For me, I want photography to not only tell a story but I also want it to start a conversation.

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I'm inspired by bright colors and emotional expressions. I'm a pretty spontaneous person and am always wearing some assortment of bright colors. I find colors can enhance the mood and overall appearance of almost anything in life. You just have to be willing to look around you.

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I love the opportunity to network with other young, undiscovered artists. I also love the idea of what is essentially a pop-up art show, I've always wanted to be a part of one. RAW brings artists together who might not necessarily have met otherwise and creates a community that stretches across states and continents.


Things that I love consist of: traveling,human expression, humanitarianism, seeing something different about the world that would otherwise go unnoticed.