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San Francisco, CA


deeFind’s beginnings were cultivated in pursuit of a dream. Being inspired by San Francisco a vision unfolded: to create high-fashion footwear for the everyday women of any size. I wanted to design shoes that were quite unique, works of art and offered accessibility to women to really bare all in deeFind shoes. Conceptually futuristic architecture has always been appealing to me: dynamic angles, bold lines, audacious structural gestures – are all frequently reflected in my design aesthetic and drive my inspiration. In keeping with the sensibilities of futurism, the desired outcome was to incorporate recyclable and sustainable materials, while providing drop-dead sexy products whenever possible. Each handmade pair of deeFind shoes is constructed in humane working conditions with comparable wages. Additionally, deeFind is a start-up company that thrives on the values of investing in our community; a portion of each deeFind purchase will be given to a special charity. (To read the full biography, please visit Dierdre Wallace Designer/Founder


Inspiration comes from everything we do, everything we see, and everything we take in from the hustle and bustle of our day to day living. I truly draw my inspiration from the world in which I live, in and outside of my head. I am inspired by people I meet, a color, or an idea. In the context of designing shoes a lot of my vision comes from the idea of futurism and that fact that we are our future.


What I love about RAW is that it brings together our local community as we support amazing and talented artists by gifting them an opportunity to shine and make a presence.


Designing shoes, Music, Dancing nonstop on the dance floor, QT time with my friends and family over good food, Spending time with my boo (a.k.a my dog stellah), Romantic gestures, Bubble baths with a glass of wine, Reading in a hammock, Swimming in the ocean, Traveling and learning about other cultures, Over the top fashion and styling, Colorful things, Making someone smile, laughing until my stomach hurts, Moments when you realize there is no such thing as a coincidence, Inspiring others and being inspired by someone.