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Dinosaur Hypnosis

Las Vegas, NV

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Founded by singer/songwriter Zach Herring and lead guitarist Kurtis Mize in 2012, Dinosaur Hypnosis wrote a slew of originals and performed around the Las Vegas area for several months. They made their debut onto the scene at a special event which featured their first live performance as "RAWArtists", and received local artist recognition and spotlight as a two-piece outfit. They later added Jazz-Bass player, Jacob Goodman; and Pro-Drummer, Billy Kesner; to the lineup to intricately weave an ambiance that transformed Dinosaur Hypnosis into a work of harmonic genius. Their eclectic mash-up of Jazz, Funk, Blues, and Progressive, has often been compared to the sounds and vibes of Pink Floyd, The Doors, Tool, Frank Zappa, Tom Waits, Roy Orbison, and King Crimson. Dinosaur Hypnosis' melodic rhythms and smooth lyrical style is sure to please crowds of young and old alike for years to come!

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