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Doc Carter

Miami, FL


Doc is originally from N. Hollywood California. He was born to aspiring vocalist Sheila Carter. When he was three his father was trying to produce an album for Sheila when dad became ill. They had to return to New Jersey to be around his mother's side of the family. His father then passed and mom remarried a military man. He and his three sisters became "Army brats." They traveled the U.S. extensively and wound up back in California. Only this time in Monterey. Doc has been all over the country on what he has called a roller coaster ride. He hopes you can hear a bit of his experience come through in his music. He's received a handful of accolades over the years. Recently he was selected to be a member of "Raw Artists"(Philadelphia). He was voted the "stand-out performer" at The World Cafe Live, Philly's premier open mic competition. One of his songs was available in over 300 online stores!! And his favorite accolade came in an email from 3 Doors Down in 2008. "Great Stuff!!" A short but sweet comment that sums up Doc's music! His favorite part of writing and performing is the relationships formed between he and his fans. He appreciates all of the support He's received over the years and is hoping to continue traveling but now as a "music brat." He's sorta learned to live out of a suitcase. He's just passin' through and he hopes to see you along the way


Jesus Christ, My band members, and pain...lots of pain!!




Faith, family, my probation officer.