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Dora Vera

San Antonio, TX

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Hi guys! my name is Dora and I'm a self taught makeup artist :) As a young girl I always enjoyed "playing with makeup" and being creative with different shades of colors. As my passion for this craft and pursuit of happiness grew I decided to quite my day job and devote my life to my craft as a makeup artist. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could be a professional makeup artist and have this as a actual career. I love what I do because I am constantly being challenged and I am consistently learning new techniques and trends. Makeup does something to me that I cannot explain but I hope you can feel through my photos!

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Colors inspire me and Americas Next Top Model :) Since season 1 I have been so intrigued by the differently styles of makeup showcased in their shoots! Honestly, my mood inspires me a lot as well. Makeup is a form of expression to me so sometimes I like to be very creative with my looks and other times I like to keep it sweet and simple.

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I really love that RAW believes in its local talent and does all they can so that our work is viewed by others

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Happiness makes my world go round :D I believe in staying positive and being happy! When I do makeup thats exactly how I feel.