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Ciro E. Aguilar

Long Beach, CA


My name is Ciro Eduardo Aguilar. I am a Chicano who was born in east Los Angeles and grew up in Compton, CA. I always found myself as a child drawing and coloring cartoons I would see on television. My family was too poor to afford certain toys, and therefore I found myself creating ninja turtle actions figures that I would draw and color with crayons myself. I always had a love for art which nourished in different avenues. I have always loved to express myself through music, drawing, poetry/lyrics, photography, and other methods. I started painting in 2007 as a method to express my emotions. In a way, it has been a form of therapy for me. I find many of my paintings come from love, loss, and the emotions they create. I draw my inspiration from usually two avenues. Since I am a musician, I love the words that are expressed through music, and I find them inspiring and very meaningful. Its very easy for me to also gather inspiration from my own life and the feelings and emotions I'm going through. I feel my work is very honest and wears its heart on its sleeve. I also find at times that sometimes what I paint is more honest than I usually am. I have continued to grow and explored different art mediums and mixed them together. - Ciro Eduardo Aguilar


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My Dog ZAZOOO and ZOMBIES (Walking Dead TV Show/Comics)!!!!!!!