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Rahul Saha - Eye of Ra

Washington, DC

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I am a photographer with an aerospace engineering background. I approach photography as a melding of art and science. With my engineering background, instructions and rules are always on my mind. The complex cameras of today require technical proficiency and understanding of the digital negative. This is contrasted by the creativity inherent in visualizing the scene, manipulating the model, still life, or myself, and capturing or generating the most pleasing lighting. The art and science come together when I recreate in print what the mind saw at the time of the photograph. I am not opposed to digital manipulation. The true challenge is capturing the essence of reality. All photographs start as a physical manifestation as opposed to digital creations. Manipulating the capture of the manifestation, whether in a darkroom, or on a computer only builds upon reality to make a statement. Success is an image that is thought provoking or generates an emotional response.

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