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AleXander S. Pawlak

Tucson, AZ

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I was born and raised in Toledo Ohio where I would dream of warmer climates and a pursuit of art. I got married and move to Tucson, where my marriage fell apart. After being depressed for a while I started film school where I found love, friendship and happiness all in a letterbox format

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The things that inspire me are anyone who doses film well. Anyone who has put so much time, effort and pain into a project that you can feel the emotions drip off the screen. Great filmmakers are a rare breed and they make me want to better my game so someday I can be looked up to. Also anyone who dose film poorly, anyone who has such a passion for film that they pick up a camera to shot something for the pure love of it, with out a budget, or equipment or a plan

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Life, liberty, And the pursuit of happiness