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Jessica Fraser

San Francisco, CA


I am a a makeup artist with a background in fine art, painting and drawing. I have a Bachelors in Fine Art from CU at Boulder and I am currently attending the Blush School of Makeup. I moved to San Francisco with the aspirations of being a successful artist, which is a goal I continue to strive for. But I also learned that there are other creative fields in which to further advance my skills as an artist. That is what has lead me to makeup and I absolutely love it. Both skills have been influential on each other and I believe has made me stronger as a makeup up artist and as a fine artist. As a makeup artist I am skilled in beauty makeup such as runway and bridal, and I am also educated in special fx and stage makeup.


I am inspired by many different aspects of life so being more apparent than others. I am influenced by art, fashion, music, color, lights, books, films, food, and so much more. On a more personal note daily interactions with people, conversations, time spent with family and friends, work, and other day to day events can spark my imagination in certain ways. I find when I am not searching for it, I am pleasantly surprised with my best ideas, although that is not always the case. Ultimately, I have learned that if i keep my ears and eyes open, inspiration can come from just about anything.


My favorite about RAW would how it gives exposure and opportunity to artists all around the country and world and that it is not limited to a certain area of art.


Most importantly my family and friends make my world go round, but added bonuses would be food, art, music, films, beautiful scenery, animals, lazy couch time, laughing as much as possible, fashion, and the list could go on and on but those are my favs.