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Minneapolis, MN

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Geodesique is an electronic triphop act from Minneapolis featuring Lala Fairshadow, Zoe Sakti and Oni Sakti. Blending together elements of Electro-Pop, Trip-Hop and Downtempo atmospheres to create their own sound. Lala Fairshadow: Red lips and a velvet voice, she smiles with her golden eyes, and with her eyes only. On the stage she croons into the microphone, plunging you into thoughts of air raid sirens and soldiers lost. Off the stage, she carries her weapon of choice: a camera upon her shoulder. Zoe Sakti: Quiet and reserved, she spends her off-stage time staring at the stars, scritch-scratching equations on piles of crumpled paper which she converts to synth basslines and occasional well-masked vocals. Frequently you will find her dancing to out-dated rap music or napping under piles of clothes. She gets ill fairly often; which grows fatal unless remedied by low-dose prescription opiates and Hayao Miyazaki-themed toys. Oni Sakti: The man behind the curtain, an invisible orchestrator of Oz, he is never without a cigarette hanging from his mouth. Constantly surrounded by a billow of smoke, he sprouts 8 arms and 8 legs in the shadows like a creature from the deep…always moving, always planning, twisting knobs and moving wires. If you listen closely and listen well, you can hear him hum and mutter ever so softly, “1,843 times 953.28 is 1,756,895” or “what the *#$&*%* you stupid *&*% $*&#*%& *%**&% *&#$% $*&%”

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Lala: "I am inspired by emotions, creativity and words. I am also inspired by movement and sound- people dancing and feeling the music they hear." Zoe: "I am inspired by standing waves, inter-connectivity, and the beauty of the unknown" Oni: " 1 part science, 1 part art, 2 parts confusion."

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It supports local art and music, and supports the diversity found in the various cultures in different cities.


A balance between the conservation of angular momentum and the gravitational pull of the sun creates a stable orbit. Also....the energy at the creation of the universe created an angular velocity to the planets that has yet to be disturbed....never ask Zoe Sakti these things, she is an astrophysics major.