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Salt Lake City, UT


When I think of my fashion line the first word that comes to mind is FUN! I like to play with patterns, colors and style lines that most designers shy away from. I make sure that the accessories on my girl are just as much of a statement as her clothes. I custom design and create most of her accessories with the idea that function follows form (an architectural principle associated with modern design). I want my girl to always be excited about what she's putting on. I want her to know that when she walks down the street, in my line, that everyone will be looking at her! I believe that to make a women look her best that her clothes need the right ratio of structure and drape. I am always conscious of this ratio and make sure the proportion of my clothes match the proportions of my girls body. I want her to walk outside in patterns and colors most women are afraid of. I want her to show anyone that with the right style and silhouette those patterns and colors aren't in direct correlation to a circus clown but that they are accentuating her body in a way you didn't realize was possible.


When I was a kid I thought that when I grew up I was going to be an architect. The lines and windows on buildings inspired me to go into this profession. As I grew older I realized architecture wasn't my calling, fashion was. One thing stayed the same though... I still find a vast majority of my inspiration in the lines and opacity of things. I like my clothes to have a certain sense of unpredictability to them because traditional silhouettes on a mannequin do not inspire me but traditional lines on a high rise building do. When I begin to construct a design the first thing I need to find is the fabric with the right amount of opacity, structured lines and whimsy. All fabrics have voices that speak to me and when I go into the fabric store I am looking for the fabric that is yelling at me from across the room.


I love the community that RAW creates. It gives artists a chance to share and collaborate work in one place. That to me is a truly amazing accomplishment in itself. Also, I believe the exhibitions and features for artists are so helpful in their careers. Most artists are struggling and this community helps those artists in ways that they wouldn't have been able to help themselves.


I would be nothing without my mother. If it weren’t for her then I would have never set foot in the fashion industry. She really made me believe that the sense of style I have is important and that others will recognize and appreciate it. If I hadn't been given that confidence I would be working a 9-5 desk job right now. Now lightening up the mood...I would have never constructed a garment if it weren’t for Project Runway Season 8. Whenever I'm designing or sewing I have this season of Project Runway playing in the background. You would think I would have got sick of it by now but I'm still going hard. Last time I checked I had watched 280 hours of it, which is watching each of the 14 episodes 20 times. What can I say...when you've got a good thing going why end it now? Also, whenever I'm overtly stressed my boyfriend is the BEST at calming me down. Without that my world would not go round. It would stop and go constantly.