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Mark R. Greenwood

Boston, MA


I Created I.C.U. Media Exchange with a college buddy after I spent countless days and weeks in The real I.C.U. of various hospitals in and around Boston. I Realized that I had this special gift and that I kept coming back from the dead for a reason. That reason was to help focus the world's attention to God and the true meaning of life. That meaning is to live and to love one another. My photography is a way for me to reach out to people. It opens the door for me. It is a symbol of what I do not who I am. (Check out us out at To find out who I am, you need to get close and walk a mile in my shoes. To view my art is to view only one layer of me. Like an Onion or "an Ogre" (Shrek) I have many layers. At any given moment I may blessedly capture the impulse that God has sent to my brain to share with you. In that impulse we have Raw Art! Come into my world. The Prose runs deep, as does the Paint and the film. The guitar lies in wait, for playing with at whim.


My Family inspires me, especially my children. The laughter and the energy they bring to my life always fills me with inspiration to create. Whether we are searching for subjects in the real world to shoot with my digital camera, or we are dreaming o


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Sharing the love of God with like minded individuals. Truly experiencing what life has to offer...