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Lady D

Boston, MA

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I have been a seamstress and custom dressmaker for over 7 years professionally. Finally, it is my turn to design for myself and work for myself. I am taking a giant leap and putting my heart and soul into everything I create. I created Grotto in January of 2013. Grotto is handmade for the fashion forward social miscasts, the undefined misinterpreted glamour goddesses, and anyone who dares to push the bar forward and beyond. I believe to always expect the unexpected and never fail to be fabulous.

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I am inspired by color and print. I find that there are two ways to design, first find the fabric and then create the garment, or to design a garment and find suitable fabric. I am almost always inspired by fabric first.

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The constant support of young artists is such a reassuring and under acknowledged wonder. I can't say enough positive things about encouraging the younger generation to not only pursue artistic careers, but to bring the craft back to the USA.

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Coffee, and sewing. I sew full time as a seamstress, and come home every day and sew some more for Grotto. It is my lifeline.

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