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LA - Los Angeles, CA


Halcyon is an up and coming fashion label specializing in (but not limited to) high-end women's and men's clothing and accessories. The label extends to couture and related avant-garde pieces for runway, performances, and personal collections. Halcyon focuses on innovative textures and ergonomic structures that aspire to influence the streetwear norm. My ultimate goal is to evolve society into a new age of wearable aesthetics. This upcoming RAW event will be the first debut for Halcyon; bringing a ready-to-wear collection of edgy, tailored, and textured creations to tempt your eyes.


Highs and lows, Extreme and Calm-- The use of two elements that seem to contrast, but paving a way for them to flow together. I am heavily influenced by textures from nature, skeletal and muscle structures, to magical fantasies and mythology. It seems that a handful of my various designs have had some sort of "insect"-like trait in common, whether it be a silhouette or traits of exoskeletons. Not that I mind. I am inspired by every living or non-living element on this planet; and don't hesitate to extend my inspiration to beyond this realm.


I'm very excited to be showcasing alongside some very cool and diverse artists. I admire and applaud what RAW is doing for the art world, because not one person can truly live without it.


The idea that it's never too late to close our minds, and open our imaginations.