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jaime sanchez

San Antonio, TX


Well, my name is Jaime Sanchez. I'm the rawartists filmmaker of the year in San Antonio, Texas. I've been filming for almost 5 years. I go to school and I'm working on getting my B.A. in film at Our Lady of the Lake University. After that, I want to get my master's in film at UCLA. My goal at Bazookafilms77 is to help artists push ahead and reach their goals through the exposure from the videos I create. Also, through my commercial work, I like to help companies such as Red Bull get their message out. Bazookafilms77 exists to help share my vision. You can see my work at "A film is never really any good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet." - Orson Welles


what inspires me is the people that i grew up with in chicago those people made me realize alot of things also my years of working in non profit and that im a single father my little girl who makes my stories come true also knowing that i am the voice of the people in what i do and how much respect you gain from the people in the neighborhood those people make you push harder exp Brian C. Dillard‏@BrianCDillard If u aren't following Jaime Sanchez @bazookafilms77, ur missing out on an amazing artist. Dude has an amazing vision. #SanAntonio #filmsa this just something someone wrote about me and last what also inspires me is my mexican roots just having the history of where my family has come from and where they are now is pushing me harder too make my family proud.


my little girl penelope art, music , mexican food , school, star wars, soul cal for the xbox 360 breakdancing reading watching Spike Jonze Films and also watching Michel Gondry Films writing school watching youtube videos.


my family my cities i live in chicago san antonio my beautiful little girl penelope tacos in the morning star wars music like dance like robots tokyo police club sublime old and new, incubus, breakdancing with my crew bazooka crew and awfset and the people around me and all things dexter watching shows like shameless seening my little girl grow up my school Our Lady of the Lake University the people of san antonio also people from back home in chicago my mother Irma Sanchez and my grandmother the backbone of the Sanchez family.