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New Orleans, LA

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Hello. I am a self taught artist. I enjoy using all types of mediums. I paint, draw, take photos, and make jewelry. I have also recently starting doing some temporary body art. I am originally from WI, so I love nature. I use a lot of natural stones and shells in my jewelry. My paintings are abstract, and inspired by the streets in cities I have explored. I use acrylic and spray paint, also adding mirrors, sand, coffee grounds, and on occasion glow in the dark paint!

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Everything inspires me to a point. As long as it invokes some type of feeling, I am inspired! I also love bright colors and nature.

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My favorite thing about RAW is the energy! It is a multi dimensional event that allows all forms of art to be seen, felt and heard!

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Living life with no planning makes my world. There are no disappointments when you aren't on a strict schedule and life flows much more freely! Also music. Without music life would be less vibrant!!

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