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ivan forde

New York - Manhattan, NY


I grew up free. Running down sandy hills of Guyana, South America. Toward the end of my child hood I moved to Harlem USA where life was quite different. The hills here are not made of sand but paved with concrete, the hard stuff that beautiful black people from all over the world proudly walk on. It became my home. Growing up in a small apartment with 4 other siblings, I always did small arts and crafts activities to add space to our narrow dwellings. In 9th grade, high school, I was introduced to 35mm disposable photography. Now, it was not by any means a "good" class, but it sparked my interest. Noticing this new fascination, my sister presented me with a Canon AE1 and from there I slowly picked up the basics of the form through shooting friends, stills, and family. I had my first group show at the Studio Museum in Harlem upon graduating 12th grade. I attended SUNY Purchase College for literature while I pursued - what was then still fairly new - digital photography. I ended my college career with a hybrid project where literature and photography were merged to critique poetry. I used digital manipulation and collage to represent the process the reader's mind goes through when reading Milton's Paradise Lost along with formal written literary analysis. It resulted in a 8 piece photo series titled Transformation. Now, I intend to share this work with others and to invite you to visualize your own perception.


Images and images culture. Reading. The Simpsons and other animated shows. My family's history. Friends and their own artistic goals. "Beautiful" people. Harlem. Music. Death and/or absence. Religion.


The community that RAW creates serves to bring artists from all across the united states in dialogue with each other. I feel that one out of many things RAW helps us to discover as humans and artists is that we are nothing different. Thats my favorite thing about RAW.


family, art as work, friends, and the reality around me.

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