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Justin Jay

San Francisco, CA


HairStylist/MakeupArtist/WardrobeStylist and the slashes continue. Names Justin Jay, I’m just a trendy kid with a GLAMOROUS IMAGINATION. Unfortunately, Fashion has always been a huge influence in my life. That's probably why I MUST ALWAYS LIVE ON A BUDGET. Like many others, I'm relentless when it comes to budgets. Now that is where the GLAMOROUS IMAGINATION kicks in. I am the type of stylist who can interpret everyday lifestyle into a very GLAMOROUS one. Aside from MEN, I AM IN LOVE WITH BEAUTY and everything it entails. Beauty is what keeps me on my toes, challenges my imaginations, and only strengthen my weaknesses, as well as my strengthen my strengths. There are many definitions of Beauty, but we're all aware that Beauty happens most when we pertain it both, inside and out. I consider myself BEAUTIFUL and have the ability to translate Beauty in everyday life, but most importantly to every single person that sits in my chair.


I get inspired by many. Sometimes I'm too observant, closing my eyes only sustains that current thought process. From trashy reality shows, to celebrity gossip, to watching a long hour of Anderson Cooper 360, to dancing in the mirror like Rhianna, to singing obnoxiously loud in the car or shower, to eating messy burgers from 5 Guys, to styling clients, to pulling fierce new looks for my mommy, to spoiling my little brodies, to buying a pair of new Jordan’s that I'll probably never wear in my life, but enjoyed camping out for, to building new friendships, to smothering my baby nieces and nephews, to spending time hand quilting with grammy, to kissing loved ones good night far away over Skype. Clearly, the inspiration is Beauty. Many try to down play Beauty, but honestly Beauty is, “What makes the world go around." Aside from the fabrications, we deal with Beauty every single day whether we are aware of it or not. Beauty is what challenges me and keeps me inspired. But the question is, "What inspires you?"


My favorite thing about RAW is the fact that they put spotlight on talented individuals, giving them the opportunity to showcase their talent. It is a great source for talented, innovative, and creative artist to bring awareness of their greatest passion in life.


Aside from gummy bears,diamonds, and all shiny things, my Mommy makes my world go round. Let's just say Justin Jay wouldn't be Justin Jay without her. She lights up my life and would probably the only exceptional female in my life that I have all the love in the WORLD for. Oh. And my GHUBB. Can't forget the GHUBB!! Like every, "Girl who lives in a Material World," knows that we all need that solid rock in our lives to help keep up alive.