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Jacob Grier

Portland, OR

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I'm a former Washington, DC think tanker who left the office life to become a writer, mixologist, and magician. I travel the country making cocktails and work to revive the classic art of street magic.

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Watching a street magician perform was what first got me into magic as a child. After several years out of the art, it's performing street magic that's brought me back in. I love the spontaneity and challenges of performing on the street. Classics of the genre like the Cups and Balls, Three Shell Game, Fast and Loose, and Three Card Monte are fascinating both to watch and to perform, blurring the line between magic and con artistry.

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RAW looks like a fantastic showcase for performers from a variety of backgrounds. I'm excited to see the talent it discovers in Portland.

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I love always trying new things and not being tied to just one job. With writing, cooking, tending bar, and performing magic, I almost never do the same thing two days in a row.

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